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How does Spinosad get to its target? It simply mixes with your pet's blood, and once those voracious bloodsuckers had their fill, it attacks their nervous system, causing tremors, involuntary muscle contraction, paralysis and death. And it kills all the fleas, no exceptions.

B>Bathing your dog is also an effective, safe and natural way to get rid of fleas, using a neem or oatmeal based shampoo if her skin is irritated. "Bathe" her bedding too, by washing it weekly in hot soapy water. A flea comb will help you find their hiding spots.

Start prevention treatments early, as to stop the fleas from spreading. The earlier you start the easier it will be to eliminate or stop an infestation.

This flea medication has specially been formulated for use on both kittens and puppies aged 8 weeks and above. Being water-resistant, it helps to kill fleas post shampooing, rain, exposure to sunlight or swimming. It is safe to be used on lactating and pregnant pets. Frontline Plus is available as tick control for dogs, tick control for cats among others.

The outer covering of a pet bed should be made of a high quality fabric that can withstand pawing and digging and can be easily removed for machine washing. Clean bedding can reduce the allergens for you and your pet and forestall the possibility of a flea infestation. Shapes, colors and designs can be found to please owners who have an eye for fashion and want the pet bed to match their home decor.

Microban X-580 disinfectant spray kills roaches, fleas, bed bugs, mold, odors and much more. Microban works very well with a fogger puremist machine or spray bottle. A fogger puremist machine allows you to disinfect a room or even in vehicles to freshen.

Initially, fleas lay their eggs on their host. But, most of the eggs don't stay there. They fall off, landing on the floor, in the carpet, and back in the yard! And we're not talking about just a few eggs. A single flea can lay 10 to 50 eggs a day, and can live as long as 100 days. That's as many as 2000 eggs in the lifetime of a single flea. Imagine the possibilities...

If you're suffering from bites yourself, especially on your ankles, that's another sign you may have fleas on your pet and in your home. A good way to check for fleas in your home and yard is to wear white socks and shuffle around the areas your pet frequents. If you have flea dogs, it's likely you'll collect some on the socks, and they'll be easy to spot on the white fabric.

For the apple cidar dog flea treatment you will need 1/3rd apple cidar vinegar and 2/3rds water. Shampoo your dog as normal and then pour the solution over your dog and then dry as per normal. Your dog won't smell like apple cidar vinegar to you but only to the fleas who won't want to be near it. After that you can steep a cut up lemon in eight ounces of water for a day then pour into a spray bottle and squirt onto the dogs coat and comb through.